“Americans’ Top Four Healthcare Asks: Does the AHCA Deliver?” is locked Americans’ Top Four Healthcare Asks: Does the AHCA Deliver? — C Space Health

Americans’ Top Four Healthcare Asks: Does the AHCA Deliver?

In the past month, C Space talked to dozens of American citizens across party lines and discovered that regardless of political beliefs, American share the same “Big Four” hopes for the future of healthcare. By listening to consumers – citizens – together we can share the burden and create something sustainable.

Innovating outside of the pill

Pharma brands in Europe traditionally keep their distance from patients because legislation prevents marketing to them; so many pharma brands are reluctant to communicate with them in case they overstep the line. But by creating safe, compliant spaces these challenges are surmountable. And when you’re dealing with a global health epidemic the scale of HIV, brave, fresh approaches are just what’s needed.

The Automotive Industry has a Trust Issue

When you see the process of buying a car unfold from the customer’s perspective, the problems become obvious. And the experience is that bad. Building on findings from C Space’s annual Customer Quotient (CQ) study, the new Trusted Automotive Brand Study from automotive consultancy AMCI Global has pinpointed the central issue.

A Better Way to Market New Basic Economy Fares

The big three airlines have released their basic economy products: limited seats at a low cost and without customary benefits such as overhead luggage space and seat selection. It’s a natural response to recapture the market share of budget travelers, snatched up by low-cost carriers.

Real Recognize Real: Harnessing Marketing Lessons from Hip-Hop

Hip-hop culture has always been about marketing. As the music category in general has become intertwined with social media and brand partnerships, hip-hop and R&B artists continue to be a go-to source for boosting brand awareness and, in many cases, making a difference at the same time.

It is NOT the Year of the Customer

The Year of the Customer! How many years have to receive this label before companies start acting like its true? Harvard Business School professor Len Schlesinger calls it nonsense.