Reflecting on 5 Current Retail Trends in India

India is a unique market in many ways. Nearly half its population is below the age of 35. And in terms of mobile, India is such a highly-connected country that companies like Google look at its market as a bellwether for broader global trends.

Is Fido Affecting Your FICO? How Financial Services Are Helping Pet Owners

When it comes to understanding their customers’ day-to-day spending priorities, financial services providers have a ways to go. There’s a piece of the spending puzzle that could very well be a boon for the financial services industry. And it barks – er, I mean, marks – a new fiscal frontier. The Great American Pet.

How SunTrust Bank is Creating a Purpose-Driven Customer Movement

Banks are among the organizations facing the biggest challenges when it comes to putting customer experience at the heart of their business. Banks like SunTrust, the seventh-largest bank in the United States, enjoys both the financial clout of a multinational bank with the reliable reputation of a “local” or regional bank. Now, it is putting greater emphasis on the customer experience.

Intimacy in India

How do you get people to confess their porn preferences, and what does that have to do with insight in emerging markets like India?

“I Heard You Say…”

After the wake-up calls of 2016, the New Year’s resolution pinned on fridge doors and vision boards should be: to listen better. How do we do that effectively with people with different views?

Power to the…Internet

Two decades ago, the phrase “the internet” joined us in our households, our places of work, even our schools. Since then, going online has morphed into a daily habit, even seeming a necessity. And with it, the phrase “the internet” changed too.

In 2017, Resolve to Join the Conversation

In a time when technology continues to advance and be debated, there’s an opportunity (and an imperative) for companies and brands to be a part of the conversation and understand their consumers

Building Customer Experiences at the New York Times

The New York Times is one of the world’s most iconic newspaper and media brands. At the recent Chief Customer Officer Exchange, I met Ejieme Eromosele, The New York Times’ first-ever Managing Director of Customer Experience. Ejieme is a pioneer in many ways, and she’s on a mission to make customer experience the focal point of The Times’ future.

Buying a Car is an Experience. Owning one is a Relationship

We can all relate to the feeling of being pulled towards certain automobiles. In fact, a new C Space study suggests the reasons people choose one brand over another often have little to do with the car itself. It explains why we buy the cars that we do. And that’s a very important thing for an auto brand to understand.

New C Space Study: What Draws People to an Automotive Brand?

What influences people to choose one automotive brand over another? Is it price? Extended warranties? Slick design? State-of-the-art gadgetry? Or something else entirely that encompasses all of the above, and more? According to a new C Space study that examines the auto industry from customers’ perspectives, it’s the latter.