Real Recognize Real: Harnessing Marketing Lessons from Hip-Hop

Hip-hop culture has always been about marketing. As the music category in general has become intertwined with social media and brand partnerships, hip-hop and R&B artists continue to be a go-to source for boosting brand awareness and, in many cases, making a difference at the same time.

It is NOT the Year of the Customer

The Year of the Customer! How many years have to receive this label before companies start acting like its true? Harvard Business School professor Len Schlesinger calls it nonsense.

Companies Take a Stance

In our polarizing political climate, companies are no longer hiding behind neutrality. As they actively express their stance on important issues, a clear message is sent to today’s conscientious consumer: “our brand either aligns with your values, or it doesn’t.”

Losing your health, losing your self

How to treat people at their most vulnerable with respect. When a person is diagnosed with a serious condition, it’s not just about treating the illness, it’s also about holding onto their identity. How does illness change the way a person is perceived, and how can we manage research in a way that doesn’t make patients feel an otherness?

What’s With all the Food Brand Mash-ups?

The Swedish Fish Oreo. Hungry? Confused? Revolted? All three? Perhaps that’s the point. So what’s driving our appetite for “new food experiences”? Like, even the crazy ones?

Fintech’s Customer Advantage

In the new world of digital banking, where customer experience is the differentiator and the rules are still being written, partnering with customers is a competitive advantage.

Get Up, Get Moving

Athleisure has officially taken the world by storm, combining technical athletic wear with luxury fashion. But, what if there were ways to integrate activity into our day – without even thinking about it? When it comes to consumer-centric businesses, the smartest brands provide opportunities for the consumer to engage in ways that make them feel smart and proud.

Creating and Defining the Role of Chief Customer Officer

For many companies today, the appointment of a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is a new addition to the C-suite. And with new roles come new challenges. It’s not enough to simply be close to customers. No one articulates this undertaking better than Jose Vergara, CCO at McKesson Medical Imaging.

How Travelport is Recoding the Rules of Customer Experience

As part of my customer centricity podcast, Outside In, I sat down with Travelport’s Noel Holmes, who leads Travelport’s customer experience focus. A seasoned professional in design thinking and user experience, Noel shared his thoughtful and creative approach to engaging customers and employees to design the very best experiences.