Customers are Disrupting Media

With the widespread availability of the Internet and broadband service, consumers readily adopt new options for accessing, viewing, and experiencing media in all its various forms. This year’s CQ study showed technology companies topping the charts in the media category, while traditional media companies were largely rated in the negative.

Is Innovation a Dirty Word at GE?

When I think of General Electric (GE), I immediately think of its founder, Thomas Edison, and the light bulb. Both the inventor and the invention embody imagination, innovation, and progress. Today, 125 years after Edison founded GE, the “digital industrial company” is a global leader in technological change, making significant advancements in areas like robotics, AI, and renewable energy.

Transforming the Research Function Into a Consulting Agency at HPE

Since splitting from Hewlett Packard Inc. in 2015, HPE has undergone mangy changes. Amidst this growth, Paul Logue, HPE’s Vice President of Growth Analytics, Market Insights and Customer Experience, has been tasked with understanding and anticipating customers’ needs, which, like most things in the tech space, are changing fast.

Generating impact with lean thinking

We often hear from clients that they are looking to enhance the impact of their insight departments. By taking a cue from engineering, you can cut out waste, refine your working and become a lean, mean insight machine!

Citi Lives Banking So Customers Don’t Have To

Citi is a 200-year-old financial institution but it needs to operate like a start-up with the constant disruption across the financial services industry. Alice Milligan, Chief Customer & Digital Experience Officer at Citi is changing the way they do business.