Note to automakers: Cars aren’t just about driving [infographic]

Watch nearly any car commercial and you’ll see SUVs gliding through city streets, sedans drifting and sliding through deserts as they kick up epic sand clouds in their stead, gleaming aerodynamic surfaces slowly revealed by spotlights. Cars – not surprisingly – are sold to drivers.

But when we asked over three-hundred drivers to weigh in on the auto experience and tell us what their dream cars would feature, we noticed a surprising disconnect: drivers equated being in their cars to almost everything but driving, referring to their cars as a “second-home,” “mobile office,” and “outlet box.”

From eating, to sleeping, working, changing diapers, learning languages, and even “having sexy time” (which a surprising number of members reflected on), it’s clear that as far as consumers are concerned, cars aren’t just about driving.

Here’s to automakers acknowledging the car as the new portable home, office, and everything in between:

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5 thoughts on “Note to automakers: Cars aren’t just about driving [infographic]

  1. Very sad that cars and people are becoming more disconnected. I LOVE driving, I will never willingly own a car that takes the fun out of it or does things for me that I should do for myself. The more basic the car the better I like it. If I could get rid of TPMS on my Fit it would be a perfect car.

  2. My vehicle is for driving and enjoying the scenery! I am retired and love to take drives through the countryside in our truck. We need comfort, reliability ( middle of no-where doesn’t have mechanics)!

  3. Cars in general are too much like an office with multiple distractions. Cars are meant to take people from one place to another. Phone conversations, eating, and texting are all part of a distraction causing accidents and in turn hurting others. Let’s get back to the basics of what cars are to do. If those items were to somehow disconnected when you put the care in drive then I believe everyone would be safer…

  4. Some of these are great points that I think a lot of people would really benefit from, but some are questionable. After all, the hope in integrating a large mirror for makeup application would be that the task would only be done when the car is stationary, but is that how people would use it? I wonder on the effect it would have on distraction-related accidents. Should we provide an easier way to accomplish these tasks in the hope that if people are going to do them while driving, it should be done as quickly as possible?

  5. I was so happy to see this infographic! I thought I was the only one thinking how BORING and IRRELEVANT these auto commercials are-_-…
    Anyways, yes I also do a lot of crying and shouting in my car when I was driving regularly. At least I wouldn’t worried about my neighbors hearing my emotional breakdown!
    Perhaps an interior design that allows easier movements from the drivers side to the passengers side.

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