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Partners by Design: Why UX Design Benefits from Ongoing Customer Collaboration

So what can brands do to ensure they’re delivering the best possible digital, mobile experiences? Work with actual customers as long-term strategic partners, not anonymous one-off testers. Ongoing relationships with customers yield a continuous and ever-evolving stream of insights that should shape a brand’s identity—all the way from product design to go-to-market messaging.

Athleisure Blog Post

Getting Comfortable with the Future of Athleisure

Trends may come and go, but it looks like athleisure is here to stay. The success of its next phase depends on brands listening to (and learning from) the people wearing the clothes, and designing around (and for) that understanding.

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Google: Now Brought to You by the Letter A

Alphabet makes you think Sesame Street, building blocks, and the infinite possibility of language. It is playful and exciting, without being scary or oblique. It also nicely echoes the spirit of Google’s original founders IPO letter, stating they would make “smaller bets in areas that might seem very speculative.”