Viral Woes: Restoring Customer Trust In Chipotle

By now you’ve likely heard about Chipotle’s reputation problem. But what seems to be declining more than Chipotle’s stock price is customers’ trust. If there’s one thing that the Chipotle saga has demonstrated, it’s that a brand’s reputation, and consumers’ perception of it, can change, and fast.

Social Media

3 Ways Users Help Social Media Companies Grow Advertising Revenue

Common wisdom would suggest a company with access to loads of personal information on millions, or in some cases billions, of users would have no problem really “getting” all the different types of people who use their products. But, as the social media giants continue to grow, and new ones emerge, staying close to the people they serve is difficult, complicated to solve, and, with so much at stake, even more important to do.

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4 Things Marketers Can Do to Avoid Consumers’ Naughty Lists

With steep competition for consumers’ attention and dollars this holiday season, the stakes have never been higher for marketers. We asked people from across the country what they wanted to see from marketers this holiday season. Here are four things every brand marketer and advertiser needs to know.