Lessons from My Mother’s Purse

I and you and most human beings have deep and generally accurate intuition about the people we know and love best. We don’t need statistical significance to feel confident in our judgments about what they’ll like. We don’t need tracking studies to know what they’ll be frustrated or intrigued or repulsed by. We can intuit those things as a result of deep, ongoing, and generally affectionate interpersonal experience.

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Why Patient-Centricity Requires Relationships

The term “patient-centricity” points to a fundamental flaw in our thinking – it artificially relegates (and inherently isolates) patients to a single focal point within a company. However, when we think about only patients as the epicenter of our practice, we are missing an opportunity to holistically understand all the factors that affect the patient.

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Moving Research Forward … at the Speed of Business

Moving forward, insights groups must re-invent how to conduct research for this century; so that it embraces exploration and discovery, engages people on their terms, and fosters long-term relationships between companies and the customers they serve.

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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Amazon’s Danger of Disruption, Facebook’s Buy Button, and the Future of Airports

Earlier this week, it seemed everywhere I turned I heard about Amazon Prime Day on July 15th.  But it seems the company’s 20th birthday celebration may not have lived up to the hype (#PrimeDayFail). Never fear, though – the future of e-commerce is bright. And, best of all, it’s just getting started. In this week’s … [Read More]